July/August 2011, Volume 4, Issue 4
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Findings of the Bone and Joint Decade Neck Pain Task Force: Interview with Scott Haldeman, DC, MD, PhD
Dr. Scott Haldeman is among the world’s foremost experts in spine care. He chaired the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Task Force on Neck Pain and Its Related Disorders, the most comprehensive multidisciplinary review on neck pain ever undertaken. Among its findings was that spinal manipulation and exercise are on a very short list of treatments that are helpful for neck pain.
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Westerners can both love and hate their bodies, and desire them to look a particular way without being willing to cultivate the rhythms of life and balanced habits that true health and fitness require. Yoga involves a paradoxical combination of effort and ease and leads to a state of relaxed alertness in which mind and body attain a state of dynamic harmony.
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Exercise & Fitness Report
A yoga posture may be effective for rotator cuff syndrome with torn supraspinatus muscle; a research review shows support for exercise in treatment but not prevention of neck pain in office workers; and cooling the neck appears to improve the ability to exercise in hot weather.
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Health Benefits of
Plant-Based Diets:
Interview with
Neal Barnard, MD
Dr. Neal Barnard’s NIH-funded research on diabetes showed that a low fat vegan diet was more effective than the American Diabetes Association diet for reversing diabetes and has led the ADA to revise its guidelines. For over 25 years, through books, speeches, and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which he founded in 1985, Barnard has been a national leader in promoting the role of nutrition in preventing and treating chronic disease.
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Chiropractic & Manual
New studies find that chiropractic and low level laser are helpful for neck pain from facet dysfunction; thoracic adjustment immediately reduces sensory pain summation; and the benefits of manipulation are due to multiple factors.
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Nutrition Update
Vitamin C supplements help normalize blood pressure in obese children with hypertension; more vitamin C in the diet is associated with lower mortality; coffee consumption associated with lower stroke risk; and supplements of food bars containing l-arginine plus antioxidant vitamins reduce pre-eclampsia in pregnancy.
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Health Maintenance Care
for Insured Workers
In one of the most intriguing and challenging low back pain studies to emerge in recent years, researchers at the Center for Disability Research at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety explored the effectiveness of various approaches for the prevention of injury recurrence when “health maintenance care” is provided to workers who have returned to their jobs after a work-related low back injury. They found that the recurrence rate was significantly lower for patients of chiropractors than for those treated by medical doctors or physical therapists.
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CAM in Review
Recent research indicates that a Chinese herb is effective for severe urticaria (itching); acupuncture may reduce body fat and other obesity factors; oat extract may aid cognitive performance.
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Tips for Healthy Aging
The number of people living longer is increasing dramatically. An estimated 4.2 million U.S. residents now fall into the age group of the “oldest old”—85 years and older—with more than 40,000 having reached the age of 100. But good genes are only a small part of the longevity puzzle. In fact, researchers now believe that chronic illness is not an inevitable consequence of aging, but it results more often from lifestyle choices.
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