May/June 2011, Volume 4, Issue 3
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Imagery & Healing: Interview
with Martin Rossman, MD
Guided imagery is a mind-body stress reduction approach involving deep relaxation combined with directed thoughts and suggestions that guide the imagination toward healing. In this Health Insights Today interview, Martin Rossman, a holistic medical physician, describes his work with patients using imagery techniques, shares the case of patient whose forearm tendonitis resolved through the use of imagery, and explains recent neuroscience research that is beginning to clarify how imagery works.
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New studies on mindfulness based stress reduction find that it is as effective as Lunesta for insomnia; as effective as antidepressant medication for recurrent depression; and helpful in reducing women’s distress from menopausal hot flashes and night sweats.
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Exercise & Fitness Report
Research on therapeutic exercise shows significant reduction in anterior knee pain in young members of the military; adding laser or ultrasound treatment does not improve on results from exercise in the most common kind of shoulder pain; and aerobic exercise plus progressive relaxation helps fibromyalgia patients with insomnia, anxiety, and depression.
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Avoiding Surgery with Chiropractic: Interview with Gordon McMorland, DC
For the first time, research jointly conducted by practitioners of chiropractic and neurosurgery has provided clear evidence that many patients are able to avoid surgery by receiving chiropractic care. Gordon McMorland, DC, the study’s lead author, explains that in this randomized trial, 60% of lumbar disk syndrome patients who would otherwise have been sent to surgery were able to achieve outcomes equivalent to those who actually underwent microdiskectomy.
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What Science Brings
to Sports Nutrition
The nutritional needs of high-
performance athletes are unique. Two specialists—Liz Applegate, PhD, the director of sports nutrition at the University of California, Davis and Michael Reed, DC, the first chiropractor to serve as a medical director of the Performance Services Division of the United States Olympic Committee—provide an excellent primer on how chiropractors and other doctors can best serve athletes who are their patients.
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Nutrition Update
Newly published studies show that
diet is associated with decreased stroke risk; selenium and vitamin E supplements aid male fertility; whole grains are anti-
inflammatory; and grape juice raises levels of certain immune cells.
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Looking Back,
Looking Forward
Chiropractors help millions of people to live lives with less pain, better function, and an enhanced appreciation for natural non-
pharmaceutical and non-surgical forms of health care and self-care. We can all take justified pride in the way our professional forebears rose to the challenge again and again, against odds greater than those we of the current generation have ever faced. Now is the time us to envision what we as a profession hope to achieve over the next generation.
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CAM in Review
New studies report that an advanced yogic method accelerates fracture healing; olive leaf extract is as effective as ACE inhibitor medication for stage-1 hypertension, while also lowering triglyceride levels; and an Asian herb extract equals the effects of naproxen for relief of knee arthritis.
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Chiropractic & Manual
In recent research on chiropractic and related manual therapies, two small studies offer signs that chiropractic can be helpful for ear pain; a large study from China shows a new manual method helps infantile torticollis; and a German study shows benefits from manipulation in cases of migraine.
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