March/April 2011, Volume 4, Issue 2
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In the current economic and political climate, one of the most important arguments to be made for any health care method is that it is cost-effective. Recent American and Canadian studies addressing the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic services for low back pain and neck pain have shown chiropractic care outpacing medical services for these conditions. Chiropractors and chiropractic students need to understand this information and share it with others.
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Research Roundup
Researchers at Mansoura University in Egypt published the first research demonstrating that monthly maintenance manipulation after an initial phase of treatments resulted in reduction of pain and disability levels associated with chronic low-back conditions. Also, a review in the European Spine Journal finds that spinal manipulation is cost-effective for subacute and chronic low back pain.
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Ergonomics for
Mouse-Intensive Jobs
Jobs such as graphic design, architecture, and computer-aided design rely heavily on the mouse and have their own unique ergonomic issues. These jobs and others that require workers to spend countless hours in front of computers while barely ever changing position are a recipe for injury. Changing poor work habits, task rotation and rest breaks are crucial.
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A Landmark Work on Clinical Nutrition: Interview with Alan Gaby, MD
Alan Gaby’s new nutrition textbook, Nutritional Medicine is the culmination of a 30-year project. Dr. Gaby’s extensive clinical experience, career-long commitment to in-depth study of the scientific literature on nutrition, and his passion for helping patients reach optimum health are present on every page. The book’s 15,000 references provide practitioners with a treasure trove of information. In this Health Insights Today interview, Gaby explains the importance of nutrition for both patients and health practitioners.
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Nutrition Update
In recent nutrition research, high fruit and vegetable intake is associated with decreased menstrual pain; higher zinc intake buffers effects of stress during pregnancy; leafy vegetables and olive oil are associated with lower heart risk; and distraction during meals leads to overeating.
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The Yoga of Paying Attention
At its core, yoga is a practice of transformation – not into something new, but into the truth of who we have always been. Like the seeds and bulbs that send forth beautiful blossoms when the environment is right, our fullness often lies dormant and untouched until the conditions in our life allow it to manifest. Yoga tills and fertilizes the soil. Yoga clears away the weeds.
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Reflections on the Opportunity of a Lifetime:
Interview with
Lance Cohen, DC
Drs. William Morgan (l.) and Lance Cohen (r.) with canine companion at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.
Lance Cohen, a 2009 graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College–Los Angeles, was the first chiropractic student to participate in one of the most prestigious health care fellowships in the nation, at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Cohen worked with Dr. Bill Morgan at NNMC, providing care for injured veterans (many of them from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan) at the nation’s premier tertiary care hospital.
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CAM in Review
New CAM research includes a study at the Mayo Clinic that showed the benefits of yoga (including mindfulness, breath, and meditation) for Mayo employees; another showing that black cohosh may ease menopausal symptoms in women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy; and one that found older tai chi practitioners have better attention and memory function.
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Exercise & Fitness
Researchers in the Netherlands found manual therapy and a graded exercise program equally helpful for patients with subacute neck pain; a German study found that qigong exercise is effective for chronic neck pain; also, chiropractors played a significant role at the World Games in Taiwan.
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