July/August 2010, Volume 3, Issue 4
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Integrative Healthcare in Theory and Practice: Interview with Leonard Wisneski, MD
Truly integrative healthcare rests on a foundation of cooperation and coordination among health practitioners for the benefit of their patients. Sometimes this occurs in a group practice under one roof; in other cases, it takes the form of interdisciplinary networking across a town, metropolitan area or region. In all cases, it requires teamwork based on mutual respect, active listening, and creative problem solving. Leonard Wisneski, recently named to head the Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium, is an integrative medicine pioneer.
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Chiropractic Students Rally for VA Health Expansion
When a bill to expand chiropractic services within the VA health system passed the House in May, action shifted to the Senate. To let their senators know how important this change would be for veterans and for chiropractors, students at Cleveland Chiropractic College–Kansas City, led by Iraq veteran Todd Steinbrecher, sent their senators a message.
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CAM in Review
In recent CAM studies, acupuncture was as effective as effexor for vasomotor symptoms during breast cancer treatment, with beneficial rather than harmful side-effects; arnica diminished the effects of skin bruising; St. John's Wort was helpful for menopausal hot flashes but not irritable bowel syndrome.
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Bringing Chiropractic’s Message to the World: Interview with
J. Michael Flynn, DC
Dr. Michael Flynn with U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, at WHO meeting in Geneva, 2010
Newly elected as President of the World Federation of Chiropractic, which represents the chiropractic associations in 85 nations and is chiropractic’s primary voice at the World Health Organization, Michael Flynn practiced for over 20 years in Louisiana. There he cared for patients while also taking on increasingly significant leadership roles in his state association and the American Chiropractic Association, where he served as Chairman of the Board. Flynn’s dedication to the profession is legendary.
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Nutrition Update
To mention just a few among dozens of new nutrition studies, men with prostate cancer have worse prognoses when they eat more eggs or poultry with skin; processed but not red meat is associated with higher risk of heart disease and diabetes; vitamin E and evening primrose oil may help cyclical breast pain; and increased protein intake, especially from meat, worsens bone development in pubertal girls low in calcium.
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Mind-Body NEWS
In newly published studies on mind-body relations, guided imagery yields lower stress markers in pregnant women, both mental and physical exercises may help cognitive function in the elderly, and a multidisciplinary body-mind program leads to decreased chronic pain.
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Medical Pushback
Against Provider
Nondiscrimination Law

Among the important changes in the recently passed health reform law is Section 2706, championed by Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, which makes it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against providers acting within the scope of their state licenses. Medical physicians, who have benefited from many decades of discrimination against chiropractors and many other provider groups, now seek to turn back the clock and reinstate the pro-discrimination policies that have served them so well for so long.
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New Research Shows Chiropractic Helps Prevent Leg Injuries
Treating athletic injuries is an area where chiropractic excels, but preventing their occurrence is at least equally valuable. In a major new study, Australian chiropractic researchers Wayne Hoskins and Henry Pollard demonstrated that adding chiropractic care to usual medical and physical therapy approaches significantly decreased the number of leg injuries and missed games among professional football players.
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Exercise & Fitness Report
Recent exercise research shows that resistance training helps knee osteoarthritis, exercise is associated with decreased falls in the elderly, early exercise speeds recovery from ankle sprains, and aerobic exercise decreases oxidative stress markers.
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