January/February 2010, Volume 3, Issue 1
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Attacking Unwelcome Evidence The massive firestorm of anger that followed the recent release of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force report on breast cancer screening indicates that in many cases, people endorse the use of scientific evidence as a basis for public policy only if it supports their preconceived ideas, policies or bottom line. The white-hot reaction to the evidence-based guidelines reminds us how important it is to always look at new evidence with clear and open minds. A great deal of public education is needed before our society can achieve this goal. Read article »
Chiropractic Research Roundup
In the first major study of chiropractic care for pregnancy-related lumbopelvic pain, with care provided by a team of chiropractors and physical therapists, researchers report significant improvement in both short- and long-term outcomes. This study lays the groundwork for a future randomized controlled trial. In other research, infants with infantile colic treated by chiropractors were less likely to experience long-term problems such as temper tantrums and frequent nocturnal waking. Read
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Mind-Body NEWS
In recent mind-body research, investigators found that adding yoga-based lifestyle changes to conventional care for asthma enables patients to breathe better, use less medication and enjoy a better quality of life than they achieved with conventional medical care alone. In another study, a multi-factorial approach combining dietary changes with mind-body interventions was helpful for depression. Read article »
Chiropractic Faculty and Students Volunteer at
Free Clinic for the Uninsured
Faculty and students from Cleveland Chiropractic College – Kansas City joined hundreds of other health professionals who volunteered their services at a massive two-day free health clinic for uninsured area residents. Over 2300 people, many of them employed but uninsured, braved sub-freezing December temperatures to receive free medical, dental, optometric and chiropractic services. For many patients, this was their first experience with chiropractic. For others, the event offered an opportunity to receive the kind of care that had helped them in the past but that they could no longer afford. Read article »
Amidst reams of new nutrition research, we find that contrary to what some had feared, soy helps prevent recurrence of breast cancer. Also, processed foods are associated with greater incidence of depression; calcium supplements help control blood pressure; magnesium supplements reduce migraine symptoms; and low-fat diets outperform low-carbohydrate diets on both bowel problems and depression. Read
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In exercise and fitness news, calcium and vitamin D help leg strength in elderly, even without exercise; pool exercise offers some help for people with fibromyalgia; neck and shoulder exercises help helicopter pilots cope with job-related neck pain; and pedometers provide motivation for people to exercise more. Read article »
Battling Junk Food, Scientific Conflicts of Interest and Misleading Ads: Interview with Michael Jacobson, PhD
Democracy requires a thriving civic sector to prod government and corporations to better serve the public. Nowhere is this more important than on issues of public health. For nearly 40 years, Center for Science in the Public Interest has been a leading voice on a range of nutrition and other public health battles, including successful efforts to pass laws requiring nutrition information on most food labels and warning notices on alcohol-beverage labels. Read article »
Honoring Natural Health Pioneers: The Story of La Leche League
La Leche League is alive and well after more than 50 years of helping new mothers overcome obstacles to breastfeeding their babies. Founded by a handful of young Chicago women in an era when fewer than one in five American mothers breastfed their babies at all, the group now has chapters across North America and in several dozen other nations. It represents an inspiring story of people finding solutions to problems and organizing, step-by-step, to spread their message to all who might be helped. Read article »
Yoga Lessons: Speaking the Truth with Compassion
Often in our zeal for sharing new knowledge we have gained, we forget to consider how the information will be received. If we’ve asked ourselves whether or not it is necessary to share something and determined that it is, the next consideration is how to speak the truth with compassion and kindness, understanding that even though we believe it is always better to know the truth than to live with lies, sometimes letting go of false beliefs has a cost. Read article »