July/August 2009, Volume 2, Issue 4
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Why Chiropractic Matters

As chiropractors and their patients seek full and fair inclusion of chiropractic services in a reformed national health care system, it is important to remember that the content of our conversations must focus on far more than preserving or expanding our piece of the economic pie. Instead, the message of chiropractic’s healing effects must be front and center. Chiropractic’s valuable service to humanity, not personal or professional self-interest, is the reason that Congress and the president should include chiropractic as an essential health service in any reform that emerges. This is not just spin or strategy – it is the true heart of the matter. Read article »
Back to Basics
Because yoga is a form of mind-body integration, those who practice and teach yoga sometimes find themselves challenged to more deeply examine their own physical limitations and their emotional responses to those limitations. Dr. Ashley Cleveland continues her yoga series with a story about such a challenge, when neck and back pain required her to return to a “basics” yoga class. Read article »
In an effort to retain the positive aspects of the low-carbohydrate Atkins diet while eliminating its widely criticized high levels of animal fat, researchers report that an all-plant, high protein “Eco-Atkins” diet yields weight loss and lower cholesterol levels. In other studies, magnesium supplements help high blood pressure, and increased fruits and vegetables are associated with a decrease in lower bowel cancers. Read article »
A Beautiful Gesture of Solidarity: Italian Chiropractors Rise to the Call After 2009 Earthquake
In the wake of a devastating earthquake that rocked Italy in April 2009, Italian chiropractors organized an unprecedented effort to provide urgently needed chiropractic care to fire fighters and Red Cross staff working around the clock in the earthquake zone. Dr. Jennifer Lovern, a Cleveland Chiropractic College – Los Angeles graduate, shares this inspiring story of crisis and breakthrough. Read article »
Chiropractic Summit Issues Urgent Call to Action: Interview with Lewis Bazakos, DC
Lewis Bazakos, DC, is chairman of the Chiropractic Summit, the coordinating body through which representatives of the major U.S. chiropractic organizations are working together to organize the profession’s response to national health reform. In this Health Insights Today interview, Dr. Bazakos explains the importance of generating millions of emails to Congress urging full and fair inclusion of essential chiropractic services in any health reform plan. A central component of this effort is for practicing chiropractors to urge of all their patients to sign up online at Chirovoice (ACA) or Adjust the Vote (ICA). Read article »
Mind-Body NEWS
Eight weeks of mindfulness meditation practice halts declines in CD4+ T lymphocyte counts in people with HIV; breast cancer survivors practicing yoga report decreases in hot flashes; and transcendental meditation yields decreases in college students’ stress and sleepiness. Read article »
Sen. Sam Brownback Discusses Health Issues at Cleveland Chiropractic College
U.S. Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) appeared at an all-school assembly where he was recognized for his help in securing a $190,000 Congressionally directed grant for Cleveland Chiropractic College’s new Masters of Science in Health Promotion program. After a speech in which he noted his co-sponsorship of a bill to bring chiropractic services to all Veterans Administration facilities, Sen. Brownback engaged in a question-and-answer session in which he shared his views on the current U.S. health care system and possible reforms, prevention and health promotion, chiropractic, and environmental influences on health. Read article »
A wide-ranging review of research on tai chi finds cardiovascular benefits, including declines in blood pressure and increased exercise capacity; whole body vibration and walking yield complementary positive responses; and aerobic exercise leads to improvements in cognitive function. Read article »
CAM In Review
New studies show aloe vera outperforming a topical steroid for psoriasis lesions, massage therapy easing recovery for breast cancer patients, magnetic field therapy helping multiple sclerosis patients with exhaustion, and topical vitamin B12 showing promising results for children with eczema. Read article »