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Welcome to Health Insights Today, the Cleveland Chiropractic College health and wellness web newsletter. We hope to help you find ways to feel better, fulfill your health potential and enjoy life more. As an educational institution, Cleveland Chiropractic College (with campuses in Kansas City and Los Angeles) is committed to prevention, wellness and natural methods of health care. This is reflected in the training we provide our students and the care we offer our patients.

These days there is no shortage of health information on the web, in print, and on radio and television. All of us are constantly inundated with more than we can thoughtfully process. This, combined with the fact that no one can develop great expertise in more than a small number of areas, means there is a need for dependable sources that separate the wheat from the chaff, distinguishing what is proven, what is probable, what is speculative, and what is unambiguously contrary to current scientific evidence.

Any publication that can successfully synthesize emerging health research from various sources, translate it into clear and succinct language that non-scientists can understand, and offer this free of charge is performing a genuine public service. If it can also provide context, commentary, and balanced analysis of challenging issues, this would be all the more reason to read it regularly. Our goal is to become that kind of publication.

We approach the task from a natural healing arts perspective comprised of theories and practices that accord high priority to activating and strengthening the inherent self-healing and self-regulating powers within each individual. We believe that when all is said and done, this is more helpful than using medicines to suppress symptoms resulting from faulty lifestyle choices. Remove the cause, and in many cases symptoms fall away like dry leaves in an autumn breeze.

From this natural healing viewpoint, self-care (through healthy diet, regular exercise and stress management) is the deepest form of primary care. As chiropractors, this is a key part of our focus and a crucial complement to the manual adjustments that are the centerpiece of our healing art. Chiropractors do not deny the strengths of conventional medicine and surgery. We take quite seriously our role in referring some patients to medical physicians and surgeons, and our students' training includes strong emphasis on developing the diagnostic skills needed to make such decisions with intelligence and clarity.

At the same time, we and many others are convinced that a significant part of our current health care crisis derives from overuse of strong medications and ill-conceived surgeries. The heart of the matter is this: if methods (e.g., antibiotics, steroids, or spinal surgeries) appropriate for a modest number of carefully selected patients are applied instead in a broad-brush fashion in massive numbers of cases, this is a sign of a severely dysfunctional health care system.

But what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Chiropractors also need to engage in rigorous self-examination to determine whether there are times when we over-treat or inappropriately apply our methods. The goal in all cases is to serve the patient. Treatments (whether medications, surgeries or chiropractic adjustments) should be used when they are needed and only when they are needed.

In the coming months and years, we plan to bring you news and analysis on a wide variety of health issues. We want to provide helpful answers to your health questions and we also want to look closely at questions for which no answers yet exist. That is how a healthy society works — by laying the known facts on the table, exploring the possible implications of various approaches to what we agree are serious problems, and then individually and collectively deciding how we will choose to live. We encourage you to join us on the journey.

Daniel Redwood, DC
Health Insights Today